Understanding Detox

Detox is the first step in a comprehensive rehab program that offers all the tools required for recovery. The focus of detoxification is physiological healing after long-term drug or alcohol addiction – first, through stabilization and then through detoxification. Following stabilization, the focus of detox is on the processes of the body as it rids itself of the drug of choice and treating the withdrawal symptoms that result.

Detox Program and Treatment

Depending upon your drug of choice, you may have different options in drug detox methods. There is no one right method for everyone. Rather, your drug of choice, the dose you are taking at the time you start detox, how long you have been using that drug, and whether or not you are using other drugs will determine the type of detox that is most appropriate for you. A “cold turkey” detox means stopping your use of all drugs and substances with nothing more than medical supervision to aid you in case of an emergency. There is no pharmacological assistance whatsoever, and you will experience the full brunt of the withdrawal symptoms for as long they last. When you opt for a medical detox, you stop taking all substances including alcohol but as you experience withdrawal symptoms, you take medication to ease your discomfort. For example, if you are having a hard time sleeping, you may be prescribed a non-addictive sleep medication. If you experience bone aches or muscle pains, you may be offered a pain reliever. Medical personnel are standing by to make sure that you have what you need to get through the discomfort of detox as quickly as possible.

For opiate drugs like heroin and prescription painkillers, you may have the option to take long-term medication like methadone or Suboxone to stop you from experiencing the brunt of the withdrawal symptoms. Over time, you lower the dose of the medication until you are completely drug-free.

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