Your Unique Circumstances

Your personal situation will dictate most of your program. However, there are a general areas of services we extend to all of our patients in recovery. We understand addiction affects the mind, body, and spirit so we take every possible approach to improve our patients lives in these areas. Our drug treatment center includes the following drug treatment services in Houston area: Alcohol Treatment, Drug Addiction, and Detox Services. You can check also our FAQ section to learn more about our services.


Group Therapy

In our beautiful facility we believe in creating a safe and open environment. Safe group discussions are part of relating to others and finding recovery solutions that work for you.

Meditation Practice

Meditation practice is an important part of calming the mind and finding inner peace. With your participation, you will learn how to make calm and collected decisions.

Listen & Relate

Learning how to listen to suggestions is a large part of our program. We hope to promote listening and learning from each other to find possibilities in recovery that not have been realized on your own.