Abolition of drugs is a stipulation which involves continuous abuse of drugs, hence resulting in the introduction of a practice of drug-seeking. It results due to constant cravings and preoccupation with obtaining substances i.e drugs which in turn be stimuli making the person feel satisfied after taking them. The effects in this habit can lead to brain damage resulting in mental disorder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition [DSM-IV] has categorized threes stage addiction. They are; Binge or intoxication, Preoccupation or anticipation and Withdrawal or negative effect.

Drug addiction results to withdrawal symptoms and decreased motivation of life activities, i.e. work, socialization thus resulting to laziness. A few of the drugs regarded by cause addiction include over-the-counter and illegal ones. We have stimulants i.e. caffeine, cocaine, nicotine and amphetamine. There’s also Sedatives including; alcohol, barbiturates, methaqualone and others. Opiates also come the class of illegal drugs emcompassing Heroine and Methadone. However the most abused drugs are alcohol, nicotine in form of tobacco in cigarettes and caffeine.

Addiction to drugs is very complicated because it results to chronic reliance upon them leading to relapses after sustained periods of abstinence. For chronic addicts treatment can be accomplished in intervals. Other ways addict will save themselves further from habit is thru medical programs such as rehabilitation centres, spirituality or religion beliefs of the victim that can be practiced after thorough counseling. Though the habit can’t disappear immediately, the most important aim is to enable individuals achieve lasting abstinence. In Africa drugs addiction continues to be involved with growth of certain diseases like AIDS because of constant sharing of needles to inject heroin to body veins.

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