Drug abuse simply can refer to being addicted to illicit drugs like as an example, any performance enhancing drug or whatever psychoactive drug for non-medical reasons effect. A few of these drugs include alcohol, cocaine, opium, heroin, etc. The employment of such drugs generally leads to criminal liability and penalty and likewise physical, social and mental damage, and even both. Largely dictated by form of drug, using these drugs generally results in wide variety of issues from death, to psychological and physical dependence, unprotected sex, suicide, accident, violence, etc. The governing bodies are often taking adequate steps to be certain that such a substance abuse does not prevail among people.

There are a number of factors and results in that regarding drug or substance abuse, they’re –

· Biological Factors: You and your neighbors may notice many biological or bodily factors associated with drug abuse, they could have been, family history, pre-established medical or psychological problem, bio-chemical reactions in the body, withdrawal of our bodies towards yearning for these drugs, etc. Here are a few of the first biological reasons for drug abuse. However many of the factors are psychological and social. Take a look at them.

· Psychological Factors: A few of the central psychological factors for the causes of drug abuse include curiosity and social rebelliousness. Other than this there are numerous other added causes for this, which incorporates, sense of feeling high, low self worth, absence of company, poor control, etc also add to this quite significantly. The other such factors include, poor stress control, the sensation regarding the want to flee reality, no real interest in any goals top magnitude of distress. Also for my part, due to some loss within the childhood if some body begins such kind of abuse inside an early age, he or she is prone to higher vulnerability by way of addiction.

· Social Factors: Further in addition to the psychological issues that lead to this, there are many social factors as well that causes high degree of drug abuse. One of the fundamental factors in this category is the idea that of peer pressure. Perhaps most of the time such an abuse is initiated inside a peer group and thereby becomes an imperative, later unknowingly becomes an addiction. Also causes like emulating role models, easy use of these drugs, conflicts, etc as well add to this. Insufficient family support or even conflicts when using the family are other main social attributes that influence the condition. The overall social attitude cumulatively forms the main factors of social results of drug abuse.

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